Thursday, July 26, 2018

Trucks Banned in Low Emission Zones Due to Hot Weather

More Disruption Likely as Heatwave Continues
Shipping News Feature
FRANCE – Commercial drivers (and indeed private motorists) should be aware that the excessively hot conditions in Paris this week caused a two day minimum ban (Wednesday and Thursday) for trucks over 3.5 tonnes due to the reduced air quality. The ban exists in the low emission zones which were introduced last year. Vehicles with the Crit'Air badges 4 and 5 as well as all vehicles without a vignette may no longer enter at the time of writing.

The problem is due to high ozone levels, making for a concentration of pollutants in the greater Paris area. For this reason, the environmental zone has now been activated and currently only petrol engines registered from 1997 and diesel passenger cars registered from 2006 may enter. The rules are even stricter for buses, trucks and motorhomes - only vehicles with a registration date beginning from October 1, 2009 (EURO 5) are still permitted to drive within the environmental zone.

In view of the forecast of more hot weather to come all drivers should check the status of the zones and this can be done via links such as this from Green Zones. The current driving bans were decided at very short notice because air pollution in the French capital was increasing rapidly. For the moment, the driving bans are only for 2 days. International professional drivers and other visitors should as we say keep themselves informed to avoid fines up to €375. During the air pollution peak, there is a discounted day ticket for local public transport for only 3.80 euros.

Photo Credit: © Grahn